Big Bocs Bwyd
Committee Expectations

Big Bocs Bwyd Committee Expectations

  • We will provide your converted container as per specification.
  • We will support you in setting up your Big Bocs Bwyd e.g. essential contact information.
  • We will arrange half termly meetings to share good practice, our successes and challenges.

School Expectations

  • Your school will carry out your own risk assessment for your Big Bocs Bwyd.
  • Your school will insure the Big Bocs Bwyd and the equipment within your Big Bocs Bwyd e.g. Fridge, Freezer and Air Con.
  • Your lead contact will liaise directly with the Big Bocs Bwyd committee.
  • You will maintain all equipment in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and guidance e.g. cleaning, moisture management.
  • You will follow the Big Bocs Bwyd action plan to successfully set up your Big Bocs Bywd.
  • You will ensure that your BBB is at the heart of your school curriculum and provide opportunities for growing, cooking and learning about food.
  • You will be asked to arrange delivery with some suppliers directly to your school. You will need to ensure that you are available for these delivery slots. Many of these items are heavy and will require manual lifting. (Items include – Fridge, Freezer, Air con unit, Oak Barrels, Coffee Machines and the French Doors for your BBB)
  • You will need to allow access to your school for all contractors e.g. Groundworks, Shipping Container Delivery, French Stall installer and Electrical installer.
  • You will need to attend Half Termly meetings to share good practice, your successes your challenges.
  • You will need to evaluate your progress regularly and produce and submit a case study and newsletter half termly.

For further support in how to set up your Big Bocs Bwyd see our website –